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About Émigré

Émigré is an illumination of the modern, travelling professional.

At the tail-end of a time where movement and human connection seemed indefinitely on hold, we’re realizing more than ever how integral motion is to our growth, well-being, and consequently, our work. We believe in the transformative power of travel, and the irreplaceable connections made in face-to-face meetings.

Our collection is a premium line of bags, accessories and apparel created with this ethos as our compass. Lightweight yet resilient, versatile yet streamlined, and functional yet stylish; thoughtfully designed to act as solo performers, as well as complementary players.

Our team is comprised of modern-day émigrés . We all have ventured from the place of our births to other territories where inspiring and transformative encounters continue to provoke a greater understanding of the world and our sense of self. With a combined expertise in the outdoor, travel, bag and apparel spaces, the émigré team is globally based with roots in Canada, Switzerland and Hong Kong and includes CEO Ralph Thoma, Chief Designer Thanh Trinh, and CMO Tim Sedo.

Bags & accessories

Crafted with high-tenacity Robic® recycled nylon finished with a signature washed, matte surface, our lightweight bags combine a minimalist-elegant aesthetic with performance-driven resilience. Sleek and intuitive, all pocketing and storage is concealed yet easily navigable as you move through spaces and occasions. Bags that are light and performance-ready for business travel and daily use.

Our accessories are also enhanced with high tenacity recycled nylon and created to serve, not to decorate, or clutter. Each piece is thoughtfully designed for economy and convenience and optimized for effortless and intuitive organization.