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Concorde’s 15 Million Mile Man

Émigré caught up with 'Concorde's 15 Million Mile Man' Fred Finn, to find out what keeps "the fuel in his tank", and the "little stories" of human connections that only a life in motion can bring.  Find out more about Fred's travels, mid-Atlantic hang outs with Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen and how the Concorde made the world just a little bit smaller. 

A Conversation with R. Fresson

Émigré recently teamed up with UK based artist R. Fresson to create illustrations for the garment labels on our soon to be released apparel line. We chatted with Fresson about her unique aesthetic – one that nods to early 20th century graphic arts, classic newspaper illustrations and the nostalgic travel of yesteryear – and how the seemingly incongruous addition of cartoons to Émigré’s minimalist branding proved a perfect fit.

The Tote. A Bag that Defines an Action

The Tote Bag. An accessory so intrinsic to the luggage experience that its very name means ‘to carry’. Read the latest article in our ‘Bag Icon’ series on the history of this stylish and versatile carry-all.

The Backpack. A Bag that Moves

From its unbreakable bond with outdoor explorers to today’s digital nomads, the backpack is the ultimate chameleon.  Read the latest article in our 'Bag Icon' series to find out what makes the backpack such an enduring staple, loved the world over for its versatile and functional style.

The Briefcase. A Bag that Means Business

More than any other piece of luggage, the briefcase owns the strongest link to the world of business. Émigré's briefcase is a modern homage to all the gravitas and tradition that this iconic accessory has come to be known for: a bag that means business.

The Boston. A Bag That Travels

The Boston bag has traversed the globe for over a century, in many iterations. Whether large or compact, in leather, or Émigré’s signature nylon, its purpose has remained the same: an overnighter designed for work and the commute. 

Émigré. What’s in a Word?

Passing through caves, jazz, and pilgrimages Paul O’Connor travels with a worldly word. The émigré is rendered an incomplete work, a potent transmitter of ideas, infused with history but always forward facing.

Super-commuters. A promise of return.

As more of us travel longer and further for work isn’t it time to take a critical look at why. Commuting is too typically framed as a burden, but Paul O’Connor suggests that if we choose to travel, then let us choose to make it meaningful.

Charting Émigré: Why Face-to-Face Matters.

At the tail-end of a time where movement and human connection seemed indefinitely on hold, we’re realizing more than ever how integral motion is to our growth, well-being, and consequently, our work.